Roundup of Egypt's press headlines on March 10, 2017

Friday 10-03-2017 09:48 AM

Egypt's newspapers on March10, 2017 - Aswat Masriya

CAIRO, March 10 (Aswat Masriya) – Our daily roundup of headlines in Egypt's main state-owned and private newspapers on March 10, 2017


- Urgent actions to correct ration cards data

- 36,000 visas for tourism pilgrimage; and 22.5 thousands for the Draw

- Intensive action to promote Egyptian tourism in Berlin Stock Exchange

- CBE: $ 4 billion increase in foreign investment flows

- Three officers martyred in Al-Arish; two terrorists killed

- "Gabalaya" officially uses the fifth referee and te video technology

- Death penalty for the killer of the liquor seller in Alexandria


- Building of one million apartments for social housing in 3 years

- 50 questions in the "Booklet" of the final exam of the secondary school; placement numbers to be ready by mid-May

- Investors are planning to attract 2 million German tourists; electronic visa to be applied in May

- Death penalty for "Asaleya" the killer of toaster owner in Alexandria

- Army distributes free food rations to the people of Al-Arish


-  High ranking security officials to hunt down the terrorists in Sinai

- Inflation jumps to 31.7%, reaching its highest level in 31 years

- A source in the Supply ministry: 310 million pounds value of "Golden card" violations in three governorates

- 1.45 billion pounds losses for electric companies because of exchange rate differences

- Death by hanging for the killer of the liquor seller in Alexandria

- Theft of Imam Shafi'i Mosque; the Endowments ministry: We do not have a link to the Mosque

- British newspaper: the royal family might accept an invitation to visit Israel in the Centenary of Belfour promise

Al-Masry Al-Youm:

- Government: Respite of 3 months to update ration cards

- Security alert announced to hunt down the killers of the "Inspector General of Security" in Al-Arish

- Fitch expects "strong growth" of the Egyptian economy next year

- Implementing the "civil service": 27 leaders of the "labour force" are sworn in

- Heliopolis Temple gives away secrets: discovery of two statues of the 19th Family

- Death by hanging for the murderer of the owner of the liquor shop in Alexandria


- Imports raise the dollar; floating topples 2000 contracting companies and threatens 100 drugs companies

- Specifications for "Thanawya Booklet" changed after adding "optional questions"

-The parliament: The fair price for wheat ardeb is 650 pounds; farmers: Will stop growing it.

- Pope Twadharos inaugurates church "Marmina" in Beni Suef; the opening of the "Evangelical" in Fayoum tomorrow

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